May 12, 2016 1:59 PM

Alex Verdacchi


Alex Verdacchi  representing Bali, started his DJ career at the age of 13, where he began learning how to DJ by himself. At the time he was playing only for the cleaners and bartenders during early opening hours. Until he got noticed by Bali legend Joni Satrio who took him under his wing and taught him how to become a real DJ. Nowadays Alex is a leading figure amongst the younger generation of DJ’s on the Island.  He takes his love for Techno very seriously, and his music style can be distinguished by powerful tracks filled with groove. For the last couple of years Alex has been refining his music selection skills, specializing in techno and tech house juggling the two variation throughout his sets. Not only is he moving the crowed in Bali but he also keeps the crowed moving  in the clubs of Amsterdam, Rotterdam London and Europe. Behind the decks Alex never fails to deliver, his exceptional technical skills, variety of music and eye for the crowd makes him one of Bali’s most famous DJ’s .

To get a little taste of what he sounds like click the link below!

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