Serangan Island is a small paradise 10km south of Denpasar. This island is home for green sea turtles and site for Sakenan Temple which legendary setting a tale of good versus evil, Balinese come to pray on this temple for salvation and welfare. The island is located on the most west part of Sanur district. The reclamation in the 90s have led to a drastic change of pilgrims’ way and nature of the island. Once it was a separate land mass only reachable by wooden boats, it is now easily accessed by 110 m bridge over mangrove site.

Come and meet the fishermen who live around the island! A Bugis Muslim community lives harmoniously alongside the predominantly Hindu residents. On the northern shore, many locally made fishing boats are moored by the village. A turtle breeding open for public, breeds green sea turtle and hatchlings, visitors many participate in feeding times. Adding to turtle breeding program, a shark island and eco-adventure facility provides shark cage dives with white-tip reef sharks, marine garden tours and turtle education and conservation center. This facilities is provided at Agus Bar & Restaurant on Jl. Tukad Punggawa. A 10x10m pontoon is used as a shark nursery and houses a dozen black-tip pups and larger white-tip reef sharks.

Serangan also famous for assortment of water sports especially surfing. Bask yourself into golden sunshine and dip your feet to glorious white sand before enjoying the challenge on riding a surf tide. Nowadays, this surfing spot is popular for its surfing breaks. This spot can be surfed at all tides, another reason is because Serangan is a wet season break. All level surfer will have so much fun on the spot!

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