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March 28, 2016 3:36 PM

Artists on the way! on Whatsnewbali.com

21 May 2016 | SeranganIsland, Sanur Local Djs| National Djs| Top 100 World Djs Dug Reggae | Drum & Bass | Hip Hop | Progressive | Electronic Dance Music Food trucks | Sexy Dance | LazerDance | 3D Visual Mapping Tickets classification Early bird (200k): 200 tickets Presale (250k): 250 […]

March 28, 2016 3:29 PM

Event Calendar on Littlestepasia.com

http://www.littlestepsasia.com/bali/events/blue-moon-festival The best local and international DJs will celebrate music under a sea breeze! Join the Blue Moon Festival and expect to see the best electronic playlists. What: Blue Moon Festival is coming Serangan Island. When: Saturday, May 21, 2016. Where: Serangan Island, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia,

March 28, 2016 3:25 PM

Event Calendar on EventIndonesia.com

http://eventsindonesia.com/blue-moon-festival-2016/ “Blue Moon” is the second full moon that rises on a month. It happens because sometimes the number of days in a calendar month are greater than the cycle of the moon, which is 29.5 days. This phenomena happen only 15 times in 20 years. And the next blue […]

March 28, 2016 11:19 AM

Dipha Barus

Enjoy the beat of a rising local DJ who will instantly put you in a good party mood! Dipha Barus is a DJ, music director and producer from Indonesia. His work ethic coupled with his musical talent has made Dipha Barus a household name. By the time he reached fourth […]

March 28, 2016 11:11 AM


The unavoidable Belgium duo Steve and Ruben, also known as notorious Wolfpack got discovered in 2011 by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike at Tomorrowland. With their unique spark of uplifting bridges, and ruthless big-room drops they immediately got signed up to Smash The House.  Wolfpack’s reputation for providing “electro progressive […]

February 4, 2016 11:19 AM

DJ Indra K Chad

Born in Balinese bloodlines makes him even more proud about his life path as being a professional Djs. He expresses his love of music first time on dj table since 2005, played at Contiki Resort (Bue Ocean Club), Seminyak makes him realize he has got a good taste of music. […]

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